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Vision D Studios award winning design team has over 40 years experience in the licensed and branded side of the advertising industry.

We feel we can leverage our big agency experience into every client that we work with and deliver creative results on time and on budget. We are proud to be able to work with many local companies, start up businesses, as well as our blue chip and international clients.

We take pride in delivering  outstanding results for each and every one of our clients and partners.


We have developed multi-tiered product and marketing campaigns for high profile branded companies. Vision D Studios have worked with highly visible firms like : Disney, Universal Studios, Fox, Warner Bros.,Budweiser, Heineken, MillerCoors, NASCAR, Cheverolet, Ford, Harley Davidson, ESPN2, Bacardi, the NFL and many more to help build and maintain their brands in the local and international marketplace.

Design Strategy


Some of the questions that we will ask are:
What are your goals?
What is your market climate?
Who are your competitors?
What has worked for you?
What has been a struggle?

With that and more, we will discuss some preliminary ideas on how to effectively market your business... That's it.  We don't want to sell you, simply understand you.

Our founder, Jim Junkala is an award winning Senior Creative Director with over 35 years of experience leading a broad range of mission critical projects to completion for a diverse client base. Skilled in corporate branding, advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, broadcast media, international production and digital media, Jim still stays very hands on in all aspects of assuring that each of our clients specific goals are achieved with personal attention to every detail.

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